Career prospects

Within a year after graduating, most students (53%) are continuing with their university studies, 47% have started working ( 12% combining work and study), 10.6% are seeking employment (this data comes from a survey carried out in 2015 by AlmaLaurea on graduates in 2014).

Career opportunities and professions vary due to the multidisciplinary training that the students have received. Students find work in both the public and the private sector, although in recent years more students have found work in the private sector. 

The multidisciplinary approach means the students have a high level of adaptability for the wide variety of professional roles requested by the job market.  

To help guide students towards specific occupational fields, stimulate their curiosity and enhance their talents , the three-year cycle is structured in such a way that, at the end of their degree course, students can either decide to continue their studies or join a profession.