Internships, labs and practice courses

Internships are one of the most qualifying innovations of the reform of the university system, as they serve to support the professionalizing profile of the degree courses of the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

In this sense, the teaching structures of the Department have included in the study plan, usually in the third year, some training credits destined for this activity.


In order to facilitate students in their internship experience, the Department of Political and Social Sciences has opened an Internships Office.


The office is currently closed to the public. For information, you can send an email to


It should be noted that, regardless of the possibility of making use of the aforementioned alternative activities to the internship envisaged in this phase of health emergency, students can still decide to carry out the curricular teaching internship through the usual Almalaurea procedure.


For working students, the procedures for recognizing the internship remain valid.


University tutor

Prof. Vittorio Poma
The teacher is available during office hours or by appointment by writing to


Step by step 

Check the active conventions at the following link: 

If the company where you intend to carry out the internship is present in the list, go directly to point 3.

If the company where you intend to carry out the internship is not listed, you can request an agreement according to the instructions on this page: 

When the agreement is active, you will be able to complete the training project as indicated in point 3.


After making agreements with the company, fill in the training project on the ALMALAUREA portal: 

At this point you can start the internship according to the dates indicated in the training plan.

At the end of the internship, you will have to SEND IT DIRECTLY or, alternatively, deliver to the Students administrative office S. Agostino, 1:

the time tracking form (download from the forms section) completed during the internship, duly signed and stamped on each page.

a copy of the Evaluation Questionnaire by the company tutor: the link to the questionnaire is generated and sent directly to the company tutor at the end of the training project (if the hours are finished earlier than expected, you can ask for an early closure of the internship with consequent early sending of the link). Filling in online is NOT sufficient: for the purposes of crediting the credits, it is necessary to save and deliver a copy of the completed questionnaire to the student secretariat or send it via the "direct line" service

Once the correctness and completeness of the documentation has been verified, the Students administrative office will proceed with the accreditation of the internship following the same procedure as for the online registration of the exams, usually within 7-15 days of receiving the documents.

Other accredited activities such as internships. 

The department offers the following types of training activities (internships):


Activities abroad

The study experience abroad is a useful activity for the enrichment of the student's professional experiences. Participation in Erasmus projects and other international mobility projects promoted by the University or by university colleges authorized by a professor delegated by the Department can therefore be accredited as an internship.


Working activity

It is possible to request recognition as a curricular internship (6 CFU) of one's work activity (including the National Civil Service) provided that: is regulated by a specific employment contract from which the continuous and not occasional nature of the professional relationship can be deduced; the skills acquired and practiced during the working activity are consistent with the educational path of the course of study.

To request the accreditation of the work activity it is necessary to send: a report by the applicant student, signed, illustrating the activities carried out and the duties covered, highlighting the professional skills acquired and/or developed during the working activity, testifying the coherence between the professional experience and the university training path; a letter from your employer - on headed paper - describing the duration of the activity and the tasks assigned to the student (signed and stamped) a copy of the contract certifying the effectiveness of the employment. The documentation can be delivered or sent by email (EXCLUSIVELY using the university email account) to the Department's administrative office 

The Office sends the submitted documentation to the person responsible for the internships and traineeships of the study course, thus communicating the outcome of the assessment to the student and, if positive, sending the accreditation request to the Students administrative office.


Frequent questions

  • What is the internship?
    The internship is a period during which students are employed in companies to carry out work related to their course of study. Through this training possibility, the intern experiences, in the concrete reality of work, the role for which he is being trained.
  • When can I do the internship?
    The didactic internship (stage) usually takes place during the 3rd year of the course.
  • How many hours does the internship amount to?
    The 6 CFU internship is equivalent to 150 hours of activity.
  • Who takes care of accrediting my credits after the end of the internship?Once the internship is finished, the student must take care to have the university tutor countersign the final evaluation form. The credits will be recognized within a few days of submitting the form to the Student Secretariat.
  • How do I sign up for an internship?
    To carry out an internship you must contact one of the companies affiliated with the University of Pavia by checking the link: and agree on the training project with them. The same must be delivered to the Student Secretariat at least 15 days before the start of the internship.
  • Who is the university tutor?
    The university tutor is the teacher who is responsible for collecting and promoting the training offers of the companies, authorizing the training project and, once the internship is completed, collaborates in the drafting of the evaluation report.
  • Who is the company tutor?
    The company tutor is the one who prepares the collaboration agreement and personalizes the training activity. He will always support you for the entire duration of the internship, thus avoiding problems from arising. At the end of the internship, he will send an evaluation of the work you have done to the university tutor.
  • I am a working student: do I have to do the internship?
    No. Working students will replace the internship with a relationship related to their work activity. The topic will be agreed with the responsible teacher.
  • What is a work placement?
    This term indicates the relationship work that student workers will carry out in place of the internship.
  • What is the training project?
    The training project is the module that guarantees insurance coverage to the intern. It can be collected from the Internship Office or the Ripartizione studenti and must be delivered, at least fifteen days before the start of the internship, to theRipartizione studenti.
  • What is the relationship between the internship and the final exam?
    All students can connect their didactic internship work, of any type, to the final exam. The final exam consists in the drafting of a written paper of 30-35 pages. This paper can constitute an in-depth analysis of the report prepared in the case of the "Work placement" or a brief research on the activities related to the internship. However, students can decide to undertake a final test completely unrelated to the internship experience carried out.


The 2021/22 alternative activities of online courses and volunteering made available following the pandemic are no longer available for the 2022/23 academic year.