The course

As well as preparing the student for different professional fields of work, the degree course in Political Sciences and International Relations also provides students with a solid preparation if they wish to continue their university studies in Italy and abroad.
With this in mind, the Course offers basic training in six different disciplinary contexts: legal, economic, political science, sociology, statistics and historical. It also offers courses in foreign languages, including non-European languages. The aim is to consolidate linguistic skills and introduce students to a more specialized lexis.  

The Course is divided into two parts. One is dedicated to training activities which are the same for all students (first year courses, internships, computing skills and the final examination); the other part is divided into two curricula which offer a more in-depth study of the different fields.
Students choose their study plan during the first year of the course.


International Studies
This course provides an in-depth study of socio-political, economic, historical and juridical phenomena in order to better understand the complex dynamics from a European and international perspective.
The course aims to prepare students to work for international organizations, European institutions, as well as public and private organizations which operate at an international level. 

Politics and administration
This course offers a multidisciplinary preparation which will help students understand the dynamics of public administration and its interaction with public and private organizations as well as with European institutions.

The courses offered enable students to develop critical skills as well as helping them gain a more autonomous judgment and approach; these skills will all be useful in both the public and private sectors.